Universal Systems SE offers a wide variety of hot melt adhesive products and services for high speed packaging lines. We realize that this industry can become confusing for new, and even experienced, purchasing agents and inventory managers.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will hopefully help you with your buying needs.

ANSWER: YES, our PROBILT™ product line of melters has the same dimensions and footprint as the Nordson® 2300, 3000 and ProBlue® series melters.

ANSWER: NO. Universal Systems does not manufacture, rebuild or service gear pumps. All of our pumps are pneumatic only.

ANSWER:  A hot melt gun is the entire applicator device which includes the gun manifold, cordset and module (does not include nozzle). A hot melt module is attached to the gun manifold and applies the adhesive to the box.

ANSWER: The melt rate is the amount of adhesive that you can melt per hour for each tank. When choosing the tank to best fit your packaging needs, know how fast your line is moving and how many boxes you need to close per hour.

ANSWER: The mesh size is determined by the diameter nozzle you are using.

50 Mesh –> .024+ dia
100 Mesh –> .012 – .024 dia
200 Mesh –> .008 – .010 dia

ANSWER: A slimline applicator gun is the same width as the H200 module. A standard applicator gun is approximately 1/2 inch larger in width. The slimline applicator is used for areas that have a smaller mountable space.

ANSWER: Pump rate is important so that you do not starve your flow of hot melt to your applicator.

ANSWER: The most commonly used hose length is 8′, however make sure to measure the length between the tank position and the gun location. Also, ensure there is no kinking in the hose which can cause hot spots and compromise the life of the heaters in the hose.

ANSWER: You should replace your tank filter every 500 hours.

ANSWER: You should clean your tank reservoir every 1,000 hours to reduce charring.

ANSWER: This depends on how many shifts you are running and how many hours per shift. Typically a module will last at least 1,000 hours (approximately 6 months based on 1 shift per day).

ANSWER: Stringing glue occurs when either your guns are too far from your end product, or your hoses are not heated to the correct temperature. Both of these scenarios will cause the adhesive to cool before application, resulting in stringing.

ANSWER: YES! You can call (561) 272-5442 or email tech@ussefl.com.

ANSWER: USSE sells module repair kits for the Reduced Cavity, ProBead and Zero Cavity modules. Click here to see all of our module rebuild kits.

ANSWER: Clean your tank reservoir and make sure that your tank cover is securely in place at all times. Also, keep your glue supply in covered containers.