Universal Systems SE prides itself in being a family owned and operated business, who manufactures all of our products in the United States of America. For 40 years, we have worked hard at creating a reliable, long-lasting, high quality brand in our ProBilt line of equipment. Our customers and their requirements are our highest priority at Universal Systems SE, which is why we offer some of the strongest warranties in the industry and unparalleled customer service.

Started back in 1981, we knew we could manufacture affordable hot melt dispensing equipment that would still be top of the line, but not cause the cost of production to increase. The owners took their extensive knowledge of the hot glue industry and combined it with their mechanical engineering background to create Universal Systems.

We are ever-evolving, increasing and expanding our product line to fit with the needs of the industry. Our growing customer base continues to prove that Universal Systems SE is known worldwide as a premier manufacturer of hot melt applicator systems and custom components. We invite you to join our ever-growing family of satisfied customers and see how you can save money and improve your packaging line efficiencies today!




Hungry & Hustling

Seeing the need for more distributors of hot melt equipment, we started off small in Bayonne, NJ hustling to get new clients and sell them hot melt hoses, nozzles and small spare parts. Once we realized there was a greater need for more equipment, the seed was planted that we could manufacture an entire line of products to compete with the big blue beast of a company who dominated the industry.

Humble beginnings

Our first real office space in Marlboro, NJ was shared with a reclamation company, Environmental Chemical & Associates (ECA). Not only did they let us share office space, we were allowed to start our manufacturing business in the corner of their warehouse!

Our First Trademark

We were now manufacturing applicator guns, modules and nozzles, followed by hoses and pneumatic pumps. Next to come was the ProBilt™ series of melters.

New Headquarters

Our first manufacturing facility in Morganville, NJ. With over 10,000 square feet we finally had the room to expand!

The Sunny Side of Life

Realizing that New Jersey, while our home for over 25 years, was getting too expensive…and too cold…for us to grow any further. We packed up the entire facility and offices and moved to sunny Florida! Now with our 10,000 square foot facility in Delray Beach, FL we have learned how to work hard and play hard.

Navigating the Ever-Changing Economy

Universal Systems SE is dedicated to our ProBilt™ line of hot melt products. As we move out of a global pandemic, we are continuing to invest in a wide variety of products and services. Especially now that Nordson® continues to eliminate their services of the 2300 series and 3000 series melters, Universal Systems SE has stepped up to help companies in need of support for their current adhesive melter systems.