Nozzle engagement is rarely discussed because not many people understand what it truly is. Well, it’s simple, nozzle engagement details the length of the orifice hole. This means that engagement length will impact the flow of adhesive from the module onto the package. So as the engagement increases, making the length of the nozzle orifice longer, the flow of adhesive will decrease. For example, if a nozzle’s specifications are .018″ diameter x .075″ engagement, it means that the length of the .018″ diameter orifice is .075″ in length.

There are a few other key factors, along with engagement, to consider when understanding hot melt adhesive nozzle applicators. Review all of these in order to deliver the correct amount and pattern of glue for the products you are gluing.

Gluing pattern: Choose from bead, slot or spray pattern, depending on your application

Number of orifices: Single or multiple for adequate coverage

Style of gun: Verify that the nozzle you are choosing is compatible with your gun

Nozzle angle position: Straight or right angle are the most common, but make sure whatever you need suits your application gluing process

Orifice diameter: .008” for reduced flow up to .040” for high flow

Engagement: The length of orifice channel — nozzle seat to nozzle tip

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