Innovation is important in any industry, including packaging. However, the latest and greatest isn’t always the best for your operation. There are several reasons as to why it is better to stick with the old tried and true systems.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I am sure you have heard that saying before. There is a reason. If you have a system that has run great for you in the past, stick with it. Getting something new is not for everyone. With new equipment comes more complications such as line operator training, all new inventory, potential downtime due to the learning curve, etc. In addition, most all new equipment comes with new technology that, while it is probably meant to be helpful and less time consuming, becomes over complicated and more time consuming. Universal Systems ProBilt has kept its reliable technology for decades. And while that sounds like we are not innovating, that is not true. We are sticking with what we know works. We have found the secret sauce, why over complicate it?

Ease of Use

With every innovation, comes new challenges. Learning new ways to do things is not easy for everyone and can slow most people down. That is true in our everyday lives, just like it is in packaging. It’s called high-speed packaging for a reason, and every new technology feature opens the door to potentially slowing people down. If your network connection is slow, or the on-board computer screen doesn’t want to keep up with the operation. All these new luxuries can cause slowdowns. Our Universal Systems ProBilt tanks and components are easy to operate with our plug and play style. The board’s simplicity is our greatest asset. It lowers the number of faults and tells you the exact problem if there is a fault. With our ProBilt AccuScan Control Panel, you don’t need a book of faults to reference, the screen tells you what the issue it. Keeping it simple for all operations on the line.

Knowledge is Power

If you have a ProBilt melter, then your line operators know how to set it up, how to use it and the maintenance required to keep it running for decades. As we see other companies in the industry switching out their systems and discontinuing product lines, we have decided to keep with what we know. Inherently allowing our customers to keep with what they have been running for as long as they have worked with us. At Universal Systems, we don’t have any planned obsolescence. You will never not be able to get help with any of our equipment because we no longer support it. We make sure that we support everything we have ever made and will stay that way.