Are you tired of listening to an automated phone system prompting you through a series of directories just to get someone on the phone? Then, after 20 minutes you still get sent to an operator and have to leave a message. At Universal Systems SE, that definitely will not happen. We pride ourselves in the personal relationships that we build with our customers. You will always have a direct sales representative that can help you with quotes and orders, or that will put you in touch with a technician or engineer that can help with any operation related inquiries.

Easy Online Quotes

If you would rather get a formal quote than speak to a sales representative, our website offers easy online quote forms for all of our products. Simply search for the product that you need, or the cross-reference number you may have, in the search box at the top right of our website. Then fill out the custom online quote form. An email will be sent directly to a sales representative who will get back to you within a couple of hours with a formal price quote. It’s quick and hassle free.

Instructional Videos

Universal Systems SE also offers several instructional videos on our YouTube channel. You can watch Meredith and Chris explain how an adhesive melter works, how to set your melter temperature, and even an introduction to the newly launched ProBilt® Phoenix on-demand melter system.

Order Confirmations

At Universal Systems we always want to make sure that you know when your order ships with an estimated time of delivery. At the end of each day, all of our order shipment confirmations get emailed out with your UPS or FedEx tracking numbers. This way you are never left wondering when you are going to get your products.

These amenities add value and a personal touch that not every company in the packaging industry offers. To create your own personal working relationship with Universal Systems, call us today at (561) 272-5442 or email