Probilt™ Melter Rebuild Services

As the manufacturer of  the ProBilt™ Series of Adhesive Melters, Universal Systems SE offers rebuild services for all of our Probilt™ melters.

We stand behind all of our melters with our 10 year cast in heater warranty. To find out if your melter is within it’s warranty time frame, call us at (561) 272-5442.

If your ProBilt™ melter is not still under warranty or there is another issue that is not covered in the warranty, our skilled team of technicians will rebuild it for you. Simply send in your melter to the address below, use the associated RMA number, and we will evaluate it for free. After a complete evaluation, a Universal Systems representative will send you a detailed evaluation report that included the price of the rebuild.

Universal Systems SE, Inc.
1085 SW 15th Avenue
Building E, Suite 2
Delray Beach, FL 33444